New Xamarin tools: Xamarin Inspector!

In case you haven’t heard about it yet, it might be time to discover a new free tool, free at least while preview lasts, offered by Xamarin: the Xamarin Inspector tool! 🙂

Right from the official Xamarin blog post, that you can find here, “Xamarin Inspector is an interactive tool that you can use to diagnose and prototype changes in your application. The inspector can attach to a live application on any of the supported platforms.”

Basically, as shown in the picture below, this tool allows you to explore the UI and state of your application, alter its state, or even try new APIs on the spot.


If you are used to web development, you will probably love this feature.

Xamarin Inspector is available on both Windows with Visual Studio and on Mac OS X with Xamarin Studio. In order to try it you will need to jump on the alpha release channel of Xamarin. This might be not advised on your main development environment, as it might be unstable or have unwanted problems.

Happy coding 🙂