Why should I make my next mobile app in Xamarin? #Part6: Free stuff for developers!

Good morning everyone,

it was a while since the last post I wrote about the advantages involved in developing a mobile application in Xamarin, but here we are with the 6th! 🙂

Right today, Xamarin announced, through their blog, the availability for free, to each subscribed developer, of 60 minutes of Xamarin Test Cloud, per month. You can find more info about that here:


Also, about free resources (who doesn’t love free resources?) you can now try the Xamarin University for free, and take the first courses to get started with Xamarin! 🙂 Obvisouly you won’t be able to get certificated using this trial version of the University, but it might be a great chance to get started and find out if the Xamarin University is a thing for you (or not). More info about this topic here:


Last but not least, in case you are willing to start coding your first app in Xamarin.Forms, you will find this free book really useful:


It’s basically a “preview” book written by Charles Petzold which will teach you all the necessary basics to get started in Xamarin.Forms, starting from scraps.

Happy “Xamaring”! 😀