Less than 24 hours left before Microsoft Windows 10 event!

Yeah, our waiting has almost come to an and, at last!

Much is going to be announced, like a new Windows 10 desktop build, more new awesome features and Windows “Phone” 10.

Unfortunately we have already heard that Microsoft will most likely not release Windows 10 preview for phones tomorrow but in a few weeks, probably in February, but that’s not that bad, isn’t it? It will just give us plenty of time to try out the latest Windows 10 build! 😀

So happy waiting and I am dropping here again the streaming link in case you need that to view the webcast! Just remember it will start at 18pm Italian time, on the 21st of January (2015, of course).

Stream link: http://news.microsoft.com/windows10story/?OCID=WIP_r_Jan_Body_Webcast_9

Happy waiting 🙂


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