Wolfie Keyboard updates to! Chinese localization and more!!

Good morning 🙂
I am glad to annouce that my main Windows Phone app just picked up an update that bumps the version number to

Wolfie is the best free WolframAlpha client on the Windows Phone store, so far!

Download link:


Here is the full changelog:

* Added Simplified Chinese localization
* Minor bug fixes
* Added ADs support in order to help development (hope the small banner won't bother you much, I am going to implement a free way to remove it soon). More awesome features incoming, stay tuned! :)

And the reddit discussion link:

Have a nice day, and update it asap! 😀

Less than 24 hours left before Microsoft Windows 10 event!

Yeah, our waiting has almost come to an and, at last!

Much is going to be announced, like a new Windows 10 desktop build, more new awesome features and Windows “Phone” 10.

Unfortunately we have already heard that Microsoft will most likely not release Windows 10 preview for phones tomorrow but in a few weeks, probably in February, but that’s not that bad, isn’t it? It will just give us plenty of time to try out the latest Windows 10 build! 😀

So happy waiting and I am dropping here again the streaming link in case you need that to view the webcast! Just remember it will start at 18pm Italian time, on the 21st of January (2015, of course).

Stream link: http://news.microsoft.com/windows10story/?OCID=WIP_r_Jan_Body_Webcast_9

Happy waiting 🙂

How to manually switch Wifi between 2.4 and 5GHz bands on the Surface Pro 3

With Microsoft’s recent firmware update for the Surface Pro 3, among the new bits and pieces was a new Marvell Wifi driver that lets you switch between 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands on the fly. For those of us using a dual-band router, the updated driver should help resolve any related issues.

Switching bands is easy, so long as you know where to look. Here’s how to do it.

  • Using the universal search on the Start Screen, search for “Device Manager.”
  • Open Device Manager
  • Find “Network Adapters” in the list and expand it
  • Tap and hold or right click on “Marvell AVASTAR Wireless-AC Network Controller” and open its properties
  • Along the top of the dialog box, open the Driver tab
  • Verify the version number is 15.68.3073.151 before continuing
  • Assuming all is correct thus far, hit the Advanced tab. This is where you’ll change bands.
  • The dropdown “Value” box on the right will have options for 2.4GHz, 5GHz and Auto when the Property box on the left has “Band” highlighted.
  • Select your desired band, hit OK, and you’re good to go!

One thing worth noting is that should you specify only 2.4GHz or 5GHz, your Surface will only connect on those bands. If you then leave the house and try to connect to Wifi elsewhere, it’s worth making sure you’ve set it back to Auto to keep things running nice and smoothly.

Registration for Build 2015 will open on January 22

Microsoft will begin accepting registrations for its Build 2015 developer conference on January 22 at 9 am PST, ahead of the conference itself, which will be held in San Francisco’s Moscone Center from April 29 to May 1.

In a blog post announcing the registration date and time, Microsoft’s chief evangelist Steve Guggenheimer stated, “This year’s Build will lay out how you can be the most productive and creative developer you can be and showcase the latest tools and technologies you’ll be using to get it done. You can expect some fun surprises along the way as well.”

Oddly, Guggenheimer did not make any specific statements about Windows 10, which will certainly be front and center at Build 2015. Microsoft is scheduled to reveal more about the OS during a press event on Jan. 21 in Redmond, Washington.

Microsoft details where you can livestream next week’s Windows 10 event

Microsoft details where you can liveststream next week's Windows 10 event

Microsoft’s took its blog today to spill the beans on where and when you can livestream its upcoming Windows 10 event, which is expected to detail some of the company’s ambitions for the consumer-focused features of the OS.

From Microsoft:

“We’re getting close to our Windows 10 media briefing next week and as promised – I’ve got the details for you on where to watch the live webcast. The live webcast will start once the event starts at 9am (Pacific) and you’ll be able to watch it here: http://www.microsoft.com/windows10story. An on-demand version will be available shortly after the event at the same link. We’re pretty excited about this event and to be able to talk about what’s next for Windows 10. You’ll hear directly from senior leaders from the Operating Systems Group including Terry Myerson, Joe Belfiore and Phil Spencer as well as our CEO Satya Nadella!”

So feel free to tune in to the livestream next week on January 21, 18 pm Italian time! 😀

Happy streaming, and don’t get too stressed while waiting 😀

Windows “Phone” 10 is nearer and nearer!

After a while I haven’t been posting on my blog, time has come to write again.

About what? Well, this:


It’s higly probably that it’s the key app that will allow you to install the Windows “Phone” 10 preview. Why did I write “Phone”? Well, because the word is actually being removed, and Windows is being unified below the only name “Windows 10”.

We just need to wait the 21st of January to get more info, now!

Happy waiting 😀