Microsoft offers details on command line console improvements in Windows 10

Microsoft’s launch of the Windows 10 Technical Preview last week brought back the Start menu and support for multiple desktops but users who want to go deep inside the OS will find some changes and improvements in the command line console, or conhost.exe, as well

Microsoft has now posted a new blog entry that offers a lot of details of what’s been improved in the console for this first preview build of Windows 10. One feature is the ability to actually alter the console window’s size. Microsoft says:

“Wouldn’t it be great if you were able to just grab the edge and pull the console window wider? We agree with you, and now you can do just that. If you attempt to stretch the window width greater than the existing buffer size, we assume that you wanted to make the buffer bigger as well without all that messing around with the Properties dialog. Conversely, shrinking the window width will attempt to shrink the buffer size back down again to the smallest available size that will hold what you already have in the buffer. We’ll only show you the scroll bars if you set the dimensions manually or if the longest line of text in the buffer is wider than the window.”


There’s a ton of other details about what’s been added to the console for Windows 10. This kind of deep diving is not for the casual PC user but it’s certainly cool that Microsoft continues to make changes to these kinds of basic features.

Happy testing! 🙂


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