Visual Studio “14” CTP 4 and TypeScript 1.1 CTP Released

Today Visual Studio “14” CTP 4 was released. To get started, download the bits (also available on MSDN subscriber downloads page), or use one of the VMs in Azure. This CTP includes all features and fixes from previous CTPs, and:

ASP.NET vNext tooling and runtime updates. Visual Studio “14” CTP 4 supports NuGet Package Manager and package manager console for ASP.NET vNext projects. The ASP.NET vNext project template supports a more natural project layout, with a project folder under <solutionFolder>\src and static contents under the wwwroot folder determined by the webroot element of project.json. This blog post and the release notes on GitHub go into more depth.

Debugger improvements. The new breakpoint settings information appears in a Peek window that includes IntelliSense support for breakpoint conditions and actions. We also improved performance so that when debugging, C++ applications start faster. To learn more about debugger enhancements see the new breakpoint configuration experience and C++ debugging improvements blog posts.

Breakpoints Peek

XAML Editor supports Peek. The XAML editor adds support for Peek definition for all XAML project types so you can use the Peek Definition command to view and edit code without having to switch your context or the document you are currently editing.

The Visual Studio “14” CTP knowledge base article has the complete list of fixes and features.

In addition, the TypeScript 1.1 CTP for Visual Studio “14” CTP4 , Visual Studio 2013 , and Node Packaged Modules were released. This CTP includes the first release of a significantly faster compiler with full TypeScript 1.0 language compatibility. And, if you’re using TypeScript from Visual Studio, you also get full IntelliSense, code navigation, and integrated build. You can see and contribute to the project on GitHub. Read more on the TypeScript blog.


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