Windows 9-Threshold will have its own notification center?

More information on a rumored notification center that Microsoft might include in the next version of Windows, code name “Threshold”, has made its way to the Internet, stating that it won’t take up the entire screen like the current version for Windows Phone.

Neowin, citing unnamed sources, says that the notification center will launch from the system tray and will appear as a fixed sized window on the bottom right side of the Threshold desktop. All of a person’s notifications can seen if a user scrolls up and down in the window, according to the report. Each of them can be removed one by one or all at once, but Neowin claims that it’s a pretty basic center in terms of functions at the moment. It’s more than possible that Microsoft will add more features to the notification center in the months to come.

Microsoft could announce the next version of Windows on September 30 as part of a rumored press event, and launch a developer preview version to the public on that date or shortly afterward. The final version, which may or may not be called Windows 9, could be released in the spring of 2015.


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