DVLUP goes worldwide!

Microsoft has announced that DVLUP, the Windows Phone app developer program that Nokia first launched in November 2012, is now available in 192 countries, which means that it its now accessible in nearly every part of the world.

The DVLUP program is basically a way for Windows Phone app creators to engage with each other while also making software for Microsoft’s mobile OS. The program includes a kind of meta-game where developers can earn things like badges and prizes when they unlock achievements on the DVLUP site. There’s also a leaderboard where those same developers can compare their badges, the number of points they have collected, and how many apps they have created for Windows Phone, along with apps made for Nokia X and Nokia Asha devices.

While DVLUP was previously limited to developers who live in the U.S., Canada and parts of Europe, today’s announcement means there should be a ton of new sign ups for the program, Microsoft said, “We are extremely excited to help app developers all over the world in their journey to being successful. If you’ve got apps, we want to help you shine! DVLUP is free to join.”


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