Microsoft sends out 150,000 HP Windows 8.1 devices to Baltimore county schools


Microsoft recently announced new low-cost hardware for schools across the US, aiming to address the technological issues in the education system. Hardware is just the first step in the process after the announcement. It takes learning methods, rollout planning and initialized transformation to really make an impact to better student learning at school. Today, Microsoft has announced the start of the distribution of some devices to some of the district schools.

Superintendent Dr. Dallas Dance moves through numerous classrooms to kick off the distribution and reach a 1:1 scenario. Microsoft is working with Dr. Dance and a team of educators to execute on the Students & Teachers Accessing Tomorrow) initiative. HP and Daly Computers are partnering up with Redmond to help rollout 150,000 Elitebook 810 Revolve Windows 8.1 devices to students and teachers over the next four years. Redmond is offering Office to district students at no extra cost.

As well as other plans Microsoft has put into motion, the rollout of hardware to the district of Baltimore and provision of training will surely help bring students into 2014.



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