Insider details of NFC

Windows Phone 8 supports proximity communication using NFC technology.

Proximity communication means that devices that are physically close to each other are able to easily establish a communication channel – for example, to open a socket between two instances of an application running in two separate devices – just by tapping the devices together.

This is a completely no-hassle, fast and fun way to exchange information between co-located devices. NFC, which has a range of roughly 4 cm and communication speed of 424 kbit/s, can be used directly to transmit data or to set up alternative longer distance or faster communication paths like Bluetooth or WLAN.

NFC is not a new technology to Nokia, as it has been supported in various Nokia handsets already for years, and now that this technology is available also on the Windows Phone 8 platform it is opening all new possibilities for Windows Phone developers, applications, services and businesses. Just tap and connect – imagine the possibilities for applications!

NFC has the following key characteristics:

  • Communication occurs when devices are within 3–4 centimeters (1 to 1.5 inches) of each other.
  • Communication is highly selective and intentional because users are intentionally bringing their devices together to connect
  • Maximum theoretical data transfer rate is 424 kbits/s.
  • Typical data transfer rates range from 30 kbits/s to 60 kbits/s.
  • Communication can also occur between an NFC device and an unpowered NFC chip, or tag.

In Windows Phone 8, Proximity API is used for NFC tasks to:

  • Read and write NFC tags.
  • Exchange data between devices using NFC.
  • Use NFC to set up a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection between two phones for further longer range wireless communication.


Soon to come more info about NFC on Windows Phone and their APIs! Stay tuned and Happy Coding! 😉


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