Are BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) APIs coming to WP?

BLE, which stands for Bluetooth Low Energy, is considered the most energy efficient bluetooth version avalaible in the market. With the release of the Lumia “Black” Update it was made avalaible, consumer side, on any Lumia device featuring Windows Phone 8.512px-Bluetooth.svg

Still, for some reason, the APIs have not been released yet. At the moment, developers who actually want to develope a new app with Bluetooth support aren’t able to use the BLE features and have to work with the standard Bluetooth 4 APIs, instead.

This isn’t a real issue, in most cases, since the devices who work only on BLE technology are not really that many. An issue may rise should you want to develope an app that will use the new Nokia Treasure Tags (for more info, check here). As they’ll need to be 24/7 connected to your phone, they’ll be only usable with BLE. Here comes the developers’ necessity to have avalaible the said APIs.

Will Nokia release them in the near future, maybe together with the new Treasure Tags? Will they be similar to the already release Windows 8 BLE APIs, if not identical at all? Just time will answer these questions, probably. Luckily, we don’t need to wait that much. 2 April Nokia’s event is around the corner, now!

While waiting, check out this guide down here, that explains you how to use Windows 8 BLE APIs. Who knows, you might find that useful for Windows Phone too, in the near future 🙂

Happy coding and watch the video below!


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