Split Visual Studio 2013 xaml and design views

Have you ever found yourself in need of splitting the xaml and design views while working on a Visual Studio project, and didn’t know how to accomplish it? If you don’t know why and how that could be useful for you, you might not have a multi monitor setup. Then this guide is useless for you.

If you have a multi monitor setup, instead, and want to learn how to take full advantage of your space, keep reading:


This is the case. You won’t be able to get a nice view of the code unless you decide to compress the design view, and that’s not nice. What would be the purpose of your multi monitor setup, then?

Double click on the “design” button, as shown in the picture below:


Now, head to the XAML file you want to split the views of (in my case MainPage.xaml) and click on “Open With…”.


Choose the “Source Code (Text) Editor” on the small window that will open and click the “ok” button.


The trick is made. Check the tabs that are now opened. It should be like this:


Everything is fine, right..? Wait.. Two MainPage.xaml pages are opened?! Hell yeah, we did it!
Simply drag and drop the one you want to your secondary monitor, and keep the other one in Visual Studio (at least, I do keep it there).

If you have done everything fine, your result should look like as below:


Happy multi monitor coding!


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